Can Nose Reshaping Fix Sinus Problems In Adults?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure and the patients prefer to have this surgery for cosmetic problems. It means only aesthetic goals are in their minds while they decide to undergo the Nose Reshaping but enhancing the beauty of your nose is not the only goal of nose job surgery.

Nowadays, the patients come to the nose job clinics with a log of functional goals that include birth defects, injuries, nasal obstructions, snoring, sinusitis etc.

nose reshaping111

Thus, there are two following goals that the patients may want to achieve.

Aesthetic Goals:

As the name shows, the main area of these goals is the beauty of the nose, the surgeon has to make the nose more proportional in terms of shape and size of the nose. The surgeon may make the nose smaller or he may reduce the size of the nasal hump to improve the appearance. Moreover, he may change the nasal structure to improve the nasal tip as well. In brief, enhancing the appearance of the nose is the main concern of the surgeon.

Functional Goals:

Functional goals, as mentioned above, are related to the functions of the nose. So,In this case, the main purpose of the surgeon is to treat the functions of the nose. This is indeed a challenge because the surgeon has to treat the functions without changing the natural appearance of the nose.

So, if you are facing sinus problems, you may contact a plastic surgeon or nose job experts for a complete relief.

Rhinoplasty For Sinus Problems

A plastic surgeon may clear the airways of your nose with the help of functional Rhinoplasty that is the main type of nose reshaping and hundreds of the patients are using this great procedure.

Nasal obstructions show some clear signs like nasal congestion, reduced sense of smell or a dry mouth. If the conditions are more severe, you may face headaches, sleeplessness or infections due to your sinus problem.

All of these problems may be improved with the help of functional Rhinoplasty and the surgeon would not change the aesthetic aspect of the nose.

However, if the patients desire for an aesthetic change, the surgeon is perfectly able to make aesthetic and functional changes at the same time and this procedure is called a perfect technique since the surgeon need not perform two separate procedures. A common cause of nasal obstruction is a deviated septum. A capable nose job expert can straighten the bent or twisted septum to clear the airways of the nose.

To sum up, if you wish to undergo the Nose Reshaping Surgery, you should have clear goals to achieve. As we have mentioned the surgeon makes the best efforts to achieve the goals of the surgery and he may consider aesthetic, functional or both the goals while you meet the surgeon for the first time. So, it would be the best idea if you go to the clinic to improve both the beauty and functions of the nose.


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