Which Candidate Is Good For Nose Reshaping

Rhinoplasty or Nose Reshaping is a cosmetic procedure and used by the Rhinoplasty experts to fulfill aesthetic goals and functional goals. A number of patients visit the Marmm Klinik with cosmetic objectives and most of the time, they do not feel disappointed when they are back home. However, it is quite possible that some patients are not good candidates for the surgery.

nose reshaping112

Actually, checking the candidacy of the patients is an essential step before the surgeon makes any final decision to perform the surgery. Nose Job Surgery is an effective procedure but only for those who fulfill some conditions to undergo the surgery.

What Are These Conditions?

People come to the nose job clinic because they are not happy with the size of shape of their nose or they want to achieve some functional goals like the treatment for breathing problems or birth defects. But, as mentioned above, it is not always possible to use Rhinoplasty.

To make the surgery possible, the surgeon generally checks the following conditions:

You Have Aesthetic Goals:

You may consider nose job if you have a nose that is not proportional to the other parts of your face. The surgeon may make your nose smaller or he may remove the hump on the nose. The surgeon may treat the nasal tip and nostrils if they are not in a proper shape.

You Are Facing Some Functional Issues:

The goals of the surgery are sometimes functional. Nose Job Surgery is used to treat breathing problems like snoring, sinusitis etc. Moreover, the surgeon may improve the birth defects, accidental injuries as well.

You Are Feeling Psychologically Sick:

You will get perfect results if you are unhappy because of the odd look of your nose. Generally, the bad shape of the nose makes you self-conscious of your nose. This is just a start and later, you may face depression, low level of confidence, and low self-esteem due to your nose. So, it is better you come to the clinic and undergo the surgery rather than facing such psychological issues.

You Have Realistic Expectations:

Rhinoplasty is an effective procedure but it is also true that your realistic expectations increase the chances of success after the surgery. The basic shape of your nose cannot be changed but of course, the surgeon can improve the features of your nose. Thus, come to the clinic if you have realistic expectations.

Your Nasal Structures Are Fully Developed:

You are a perfect candidate for the nose job at any age but the surgeons do not prefer to perform the surgery if the nose is not fully developed because altering the undeveloped structures of the nose is quite risky. Thus, the surgeons examine the nose to check the maturity level of the nose.

You Are Mentally Prepared To Undergo The Surgery:

If you have decided to undergo the surgery, you need to be prepared mentally. Clear expectations and goals of the surgery are needed and you must have prior knowledge of procedure, benefits, and limits of the surgery.

If you still feel you are a perfect candidate for the Nose Reshaping surgery, come to the Marmm Klinik to discuss your options to have a successful treatment.

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