The Thousand Year History Of The Nose Job

Rhinoplasty or Nose Reshaping is not an unfamiliar word for many of the people. However, there are some people who want to know about every detail of the procedure because they are not sure about the positive effects of Rhinoplasty. Nowadays, Rhinoplasty is an effective procedure with ultra-modern techniques and well-trained doctors do everything to make sure that the patient get what they want at the end of the surgery. The scope of the procedure is increasing every day and the present form of nose job surgery was not the same some centuries ago. However, we can say, the people who lived centuries ago also wanted to have a beautiful face.

rihnoplasty(nose reshaping)

The belief that the appearance of the nose was the root of all the efforts made by the experts and the plastic surgeons of those days tried to develop some procedures to bring some positive changes. However, side effects and unfavorable results were enough to demotivate the experts.

Nose Injuries And Rhinoplasty

Why would a doctor try to open the nasal structures? The natural answer of this question would indicate the nose injuries. It is easy to imagine and the work of a surgeon to restore the health of an organ. Therefore, treating an injured nose should be the prime objective of the surgeon and the efforts to achieve aesthetic goals for the nose was a new idea that time.

The Idea Of Improving The Beauty

The 20th century is the main phase of the development of the cosmetic procedure and the cosmetic surgeon started to think about the aesthetic goals as well. After the idea was popular among the common people, enhancing the beauty of the nose and other body parts became a new trend. Now, it was possible to change the shape and size of the nose and the surgeons were not treating injured body parts.

Older Forms Of Rhinoplasty

As mentioned above, the earliest forms of nose job were performed with the aim of treating injuries. During these procedures, the surgeons use the skin from the cheek to cover the nose and they insert the castor oil plant tubes to keep the shape of the nose stable. This form of the nose job was performed centuries ago and it is quite different from the modern-day Rhinoplasty.

Modern Rhinoplasty

Nowadays, Rhinoplasty is performed with the help of advanced techniques and ultra-modern tools and devices. Today’s well-qualified doctors and surgeons are very efficient to examine the nose and they can provide optimum results and generally, the end of the surgeon is positive for most of the patients.

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