PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Alopecia Myth or Truth

Hair loss is a complex problem for both men and women. According to hair loss experts, PRP Hair Loss Treatment is the best procedure for hair loss. In fact, the effects of PRP hair treatment is a debatable topic because of several aspects related to hair loss and its treatments. There are two phases of hair loss if the nature of hair loss is genetic. Hair loss starts showing some visible initial signs like severe hair loss and thinning of hair. At the severest stage of male pattern baldness, the entire scalp is totally bald.

prp hair loss treatment11

PRP is an effective hair treatment but the experts have to find out the advantages of the procedure with its limits. It is hard to get dead hair follicles back. However, it is perfectly possible to rejuvenate living hair follicles.

Most of the experts believe that PRP Hair Loss Treatment works for restoring the health of hair follicles but they are not sure about the effects of PRP if the scalp is entirely bald.

Before we look at further issues, let us have a brief look at the introduction of PRP.

PRP Introduction

There are several reasons for hair loss and PRP can be effective for any type of hair loss. PRP is concentrated plasma with platelets and this formation is rich in certain growth factors including platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factor (TGF), insulin-like growth factor (IGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF) and interleukin (IL)-1 etc. PRP is obtained by experts with the help of certain tools and techniques. The main aim of the experts is to make PRP injections that are injected into the scalp to get optimal results.

How Is It Prepared?

During the preparation of PRP, the expert needs the cooperation of the patients and he needs some drops of blood from the body of the patient. After drawing the blood sample, the experts keep the blood sample into a centrifuge to spin while the speed is slow. After some time, the sample is supposed to separate into three layers called the top plasma layer, thin middle layer and red blood cells that is the bottom layer. Later the upper layer and the middle layer is transferred to an empty tube. The experts spin the solution again to obtain pure PRP.

How Is PRP Effective For Hair Loss?

As mentioned above, PRP contains nearly 20 growth factors and all of the growth factors are believed to stimulate hair re-growth. Moreover, PRP injections promote cell healing and this treatment is effective to reduce and prevent the adverse effects of hair loss. However, the effects of this procedure are limited if the scalp is totally bald.

Therefore, the effects of PRP Hair Loss Treatment are just unquestionable. You need to see the expert at the start of the hair loss because bald patches on the scalp are treated with the help of hair transplant surgery. At present, experts are engaged in research to enhance the scope of PRP hair treatment. Thus, the patients may hope for more effective PRP treatment in the future.

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