Get Your Nose Reshaped With Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an awesome procedure and widely popular among all age groups. After all, all the people want to have an impressive look. Some decades ago, it was not possible to change or improve the shape and size of body parts but now the times have changed and with the invention of cosmetic procedures, the patients may enjoy more improves body parts. Rhinoplasty in Indore is just an example of this new trend. Rhinoplasty is an advanced procedure that deals with specially your nose.


So, you need a nose reshaping surgery if you are not happy with the shape and size of your nose.

You may need the help of a professional nose job expert if you think your nose is larger than the face and does not have a proper symmetry. The surgeon is supposed to make your nose more symmetrical and proportionate and as a result, your face would have a new impressive look.

Certainly, you would like to know more about nose reshaping surgery. We are going to provide more information.

So, carry on reading!

What is the Procedure of Rhinoplasty?

When you meet the surgeon in the first meeting, he is supposed to give you a date for the surgery and you have to reach the clinic on time. After you reach the clinic, the surgeon would administer anesthesia to make the surgery comfortable. After that, he made appropriate incisions to open the nasal structures and makes the required changes. After this step, he closes the incisions and allows you to leave the clinic with some instructions for aftercare.

What Can You Expect?

It is sure that you have to have realistic expectations while you have a meeting with the surgeon. The surgeon may change the size and shape of your nose and may treat the functions of the nose as well. Therefore, you can visit the clinic to fulfill both your functional and aesthetic goals.

You Need a Skilled Surgeon

If you are looking for a certain success after the nose job surgery, you need to search a skilled surgeon. A skilled surgeon has required technical skills to perform the surgery and besides the technical skills, the surgeon is proficient in artistic aspects of the surgery as well. Moreover, a talented surgeon communicates with the patients very efficiently and knows well to handle unrealistic expectations of the patients.

You can have the best nose reshaping surgery by following the steps given below:

Do Proper Research:

Before you choose the surgeon, do proper research with the help of the internet, former patients, relatives, and friends. By doing this, you make yourself more prepared for the surgery.

Meet Personally:

After you are sure about the surgeon, decide to have a personal meeting to share your expectations.

Choose the Best:

Try to choose the best according to your needs and expectations. Moreover, it is better if you can save some bucks.

If you want to choose the best surgeon to undergo Rhinoplasty in Indore, just come to the Marmm Klinik for an initial consultation.

What Changes Can I Make To My Nose in Nose Reshaping Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a wonderful procedure that is also called Nose Reshaping and this name shows the real cause of the surgery. By reading this name, you can easily understand that this surgery is performed to change the basic shape and size of your nose. The main aim of this surgery is to enhance the appearance of the nose and face. However, there is not a set rule or definition for the beauty of the nose. It is possible you are not happy with the shape of your nose but your friends or relatives do not find anything bad in the shape of your nose. Similarly, you may be happy with your nose but your relatives may compel you to have a rhinoplasty.

nose reshaping116

In this condition, this is a valuable question and deciding the goals of the surgery is the most important part of the treatment process.

Generally, the patients come to the clinic or nose job center when they are not happy with their nose. Their irritation is valid because your nose is the central part of your face and if the shape of your nose is not ideal or beautiful, your look is badly affected.

Generally, all the patients think about the possible outcomes of the surgery and this tendency of the patients raise an important question.

What Type of Changes Patients Can Expect After The Surgery?

The answer is not really simple because every patient come to the clinic with different goals and expectations and covering all the expectations is not practically possible.

So, Some Expectations Are Unrealistic.

If we discuss the valid expectations about the nose job surgery, we have to look for the following reasons for the patients wish to have nose job surgery.

Most common reason to have a rhinoplasty.

Cosmetic Reasons:

Mostly, the patients come to the clinic to have a beautiful nose. Therefore, we can say cosmetic or aesthetic reasons come in the first place while we are talking about possible reasons.

Medical Reasons:

Some patients visit the clinic due to medical reasons because of injury, accidents, birth defects, breathing problems etc.

It is also possible the patients have both the aesthetical and functional goals at the time of their visits.

Some of the parts that may have required changes are given below:

Nasal Tip:

The surgeon may partly remove or reshape the cartilage by making an incision between the nostrils.


The surgeon removes the bone and cartilage to reduce the nasal hump.

Length of The Nose:

The surgeon may perform the surgery to reduce the overall length of the nose.

Width of The Nose:

Like adjusting the length, the surgeon may reset the width of the nose as well.

Opening Nasal Blocks:

The surgeon may treat deviated septum or deal with other issues to ensure smooth breathing.

As you see, Nose Reshaping can change almost parts of the nose according to the basic shape of the surgery. However, the patients have to be clear about their goals and expectations.

Is It Possible For A Teenager To Slim And Reshape The Nose By Rhinoplasty in Indore

If you are a teen and going to have Rhinoplasty in Indore, this is the most critical decision you are going to make. No doubt, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries for all age groups but many experts say nose reshaping for teens can be problematic.

rhinoplasty in indore19

Rhinoplasty is an effective procedure and has several benefits. After the surgery, the patients may get a new and fresh look by improving the size and shape of the nose. This is the reason even famous people and celebrities are having the treatment. In short, rhinoplasty is a rising trend nowadays and teens are very much interested in the treatment.

Some experts are not in favor of performing the surgery for teens while there are some surgeons who are ready to treat the nose in the patient’s teenage. Actually, such arguments may change the life of the patient forever and the changes may be positive or negative for the patient. Thus, this decision should be made by the patient cautiously because, in their teenage, patients are not so mature to understand the pros and cons of the surgery.

Why Are Teens Interested In Nose Reshaping Surgery?

There may be several reasons for the attraction of the teens towards the nose job surgery. It is possible that are motivated to try new things like drinking by friends. Moreover, their friends have advised them to have a rhinoplasty. Some teenagers, because of the bad shape of the nose, are victims of bullying and therefore, they want a nose job immediately. Some teens decide to take rhinoplasty because of accidents, birth defects, or breathing problems.

How Should The Surgeon Deal With The Expectations of The Patients?

It is a fact that the nasal structures of the nose are not fully matured at the teenage and in this condition, the surgeon must consider the nasal structures. If the nose is fully developed at the time of the surgery, the surgeon may carry on. Moreover, the surgeon must consider the mental maturity of the patient. If the patient fully understands the pros and cons of the surgery and accepts the possible outcomes, the surgeon may decide to perform the surgery.

If the patient is a teen, the surgeon must consider the following factors:

Age Of The Patient:

The age of the patient is an important factor because the surgeon may have a better idea to perform the surgery.

Effectiveness Of The Communication:

How well the patient communicates with the surgeon can make a difference. If the patients understand what the surgeon says and is ready to follow the instructions, the surgeon may perform the surgery.

Goals Of The Surgery:

Are the goals aesthetic or functional? It is important to consider the expectations and goals of the patients.

To sum up, there is not a direct answer to these questions but the surgeon may make a good decision by considering all these factors. Therefore, it is better to visit the clinic to have Rhinoplasty in Indore You may come to the Marmm Klinik if you wish to have an initial consultation for the treatment.

Solve Nasal Blockage Issue with Nose Reshaping

Your nose is an important facial feature. The beauty of your face depends on your nose and this is the prime reason thousands of the patients come to the Marmm Klinik to have nose reshaping surgery. Nose Reshaping is an effective cosmetic procedure and when we call is a cosmetic procedure, before anything, the aesthetic aspects of the surgery come in mind. It is true that most of the patients visit the clinic to improve the shape and size of the nose but it is also a truth that nose job surgery is used to improve the functions of the nose as well.

Female nose before and after cosmetic surgery

The functions of the nose are important because the nose is related to breathing that is the base of life. Dysfunctions of the nose are possible due to several reasons and in these conditions; The patients need immediate help because of breathing issues. In this blog post, we are going to tell you about the functional aspects of rhinoplasty.

Your nose filters the air and keeps you away from dust and germs when you breathe. Therefore, you may suffer a lot if you are facing any issues related to the function of the nose. People know well how they feel when they are suffering from cold. The common cold is a general problem and you may face a more severe problem that might make the breathing process harder for the patients.

There are many problems that block the way of fresh air including:

Soft growths called nasal polyps that develop on the lining of the nose or sinuses.

Inflammation of the nose and sinuses called Rhinitis.

Initial Observations Before The Treatment

In the case of a broken nose, swelling around the eyes is usual. Bleeding is also an indication that nasal structures are injured from inside. Pain or discomfort in breathing is clear signs that you need an expert immediately.

Functional Rhinoplasty for a Broken Nose

The first step of any nasal treatment is a full evaluation of the nasal injury or the real cause of the breathing problem. With the use of local or general anesthesia, the surgeon may perform rhinoplasty to return the nasal bones to their natural shape. Sometimes, injuries or fractures may affect the natural symmetry of the nose and in this case, the surgeon has to consider the aesthetic aspects as well. The surgery can be performed to correct the nasal spectrum on an outpatient basis.

As you see, corrective and functional nose reshaping is the best procedure for a broken nose due to injuries or accident and breathing problems. Sometimes the procedure is performed for kids and children because of birth defects that obstruct the way of air in the nose. The results are always favorable but you require choosing a qualified and skilled nose job surgeon for the Nose Reshaping

Reshape Your Confidence and Enhance Your Beauty with Rhinoplasty!

When you talk about the confidence and positive attitude, you cannot ignore the importance of an impressive look and your look depends on your facial features. It is also a notable fact that your nose is the most prominent feature on your face. This is the reason for the success of Rhinoplasty in Indore More and more people visit the Marmm Klinik of Indore with a clear aim of having the nose reshaping surgery. You can say, rhinoplasty is in included in current cosmetic surgery trends.

rhinoplasty in indore13

Therefore, if you feel depressed or inferior due to the bad shape of your nose or any nose problem, just make a plan to visit the Mamm Klinik.

If you are not convinced after reading these lines, carry on reading this blog that is written to provide necessary information about the rhinoplasty in Indore.

What is Nose Reshaping or Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to enhance the shape, size, and symmetry. As a result, the patient has an improve nose with a better proportion with the rest of the face. The areas of the improvement are internal nasal structures, nasal bridge, nostrils, nasal tips etc.

This procedure is performed in a clinic or hospital by a skilled and qualified surgeon after a meeting between the patient and the surgeon.

The following changes to the nose parts are possible with the help of rhinoplasty:

Reducing the length of the nasal tip

Straightening a crooked nose

Improve the size of a bulbous nasal tip

Improving the prominent bump in the bridge of the nose

Reduce the width of a too wide nose

Reduce the size of a too large nose

Treatment of injured nose

Treating the nose due to birth defects

The surgeon can achieve any of these goals with the help of the following types of rhinoplasty:

Open Rhinoplasty:

For this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision under the nasal tip. This open procedure allows the surgeon to have complete access to the nasal structures. This procedure is used for major surgeries because the surgeon needs more chances to improve the nose shape and size.

Closed Rhinoplasty:

In this type, the surgeon makes the incision inside the nostril. This closed approach is used when the surgeon has to make minor adjustments. In this procedure, there is no visible scarring and it may consider as an advantage.

Checking The Candidacy:

We are sure you are excited to have this procedure after reading the information but wait, you have to check you are an ideal candidate or not because this is an essential step to ensure the success after the surgery.

Women and men both at any age are suitable candidates for Rhinoplasty in Indore However, the person has to be physically and mentally mature to have the treatment. Another issue to consider is realistic expectations. Do not think you would have the nose shaped like a celebrity. Your new shape depends on the basic structure of your nose and you cannot change this reality.

Now you know enough to undergo the procedure. If you are really interested in the treatment just visit the Marmm Klinik to start a journey of having a better nose shape.

When Will The Nose Have Its Beauty Moment?

What is the definition of beauty of the nose for you? Certainly, you have an instant answer according to your face but it is not necessary your definition of the beauty would be accepted globally. All the people have different facial structure and in this condition, what is good for you can be bad for others. There are several patients who come to the Marmm Klinik for Rhinoplasty in Indore and all the patents have their own demands, expectations or goals for the surgery.

Rhinoplasty-Nose-Correction marmm

So, this is tough to set a definition for the beauty of the nose. However, everyone is looking for a perfect nose.

Experts say the perfect nose is possible only in dreams because you cannot change the basic structure of your nose and face. The main goal of the surgeon is to improve the symmetry and proportion of the nose. The results of the surgery would be called satisfactory if the surgeon gets near to perfect symmetry and proportion for the nose of the patient.

It is possible that your friends or relatives say your nose is perfect but you feel you need improvement. Or, it may happen that you do not feel any improvement and decide to have nose reshaping due to remarks and comments of the friends and relatives.

It means, your expectations play a vital role in affecting the result of the surgery.

Generally, the surgeon and patients sit with each other to make a common goal for the surgery.

Asking about the results of the surgery is the most common activity of the patients and most of the patients are curious to have an idea about the final look of the nose.

With the help of advanced technology, the surgeon gives you an idea of the improved nose.

After the surgery, the patients have to wait for a long time since the recovery process may take months after the surgery.

Let us look at the recovery process to have an idea about the results after surgery.

First Three Weeks:

The splint that is used by the surgeon is removed in the first week. The shape of the nose bridge is significant at this moment and the generally the surgeon checks the shape of the bridge to make sure everything is right or not.

After the first week, swelling normally subsides and the shape of the bridge and angle of the nasal tip are clearer to observe.

6 Months:

At this phase, the swelling has subsided and the bridge and sides seem to have a good shape.

After this period, the improvement of the nasal structures does not stop and fuller results can be seen after almost two years.

The experts of the Marmm Klinik say that the Rhinoplasty in Indore is an effective procedure to improve the look of the nose and generally, the surgeons are able to satisfy the requirements of the patients. As you know, satisfaction at the end of the surgery is the most important aspect of the beauty of the nose.

Pre-Operative Cares of Nose Reshaping

Nose job surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure. Both men and women are interested in the surgery and mostly, they get outstanding results after the surgery, Nose Reshaping can change your life forever because the nose has a considerable place among all the facial features. Look at the mirror and you would realize that the shape of your nose provides a perfect look to your face.

nose reshaping161

This is the reason, common people and celebrities both wants to change the shape and symmetry of the nose with the help of rhinoplasty. In his process, unrealistic expectations are general and the surgeons have to deal with both realistic and unrealistic goals of the surgery.

Therefore, it is better if you are fully prepared for the surgery and have only realistic expectations for the surgery. You should note that the basic shape of the nose cannot be entirely changed but the surgeon can improve the basic features of the nose.

If you are going to have rhinoplasty, you must be careful to follow some instructions that are essential to get satisfactory results after the surgery.

We have included most of the essential things and we assume that you have selected a properly qualified and licensed nose job surgeon for the treatment.

Furthermore, the surgeon will check your candidacy with the help of some questions, tests, and checkups. It would be better if you do hide anything from your surgeon.

Let us have a look at the essential things to follow before the nose job surgery.

Medicines To Avoid:

Before at least two weeks, you should avoid herbal supplements, vitamin E, ibuprofen, aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines etc.

Smoking and Drinking:

Smoking and drinking are also not allowed before the surgery. Wine and cigarettes prohibit the healing process before the surgery. It is best if you give up these habits after the surgery as well.

Get Proper Help

A day before the surgery, take help from someone from your family or friends because the surgeon will not allow you to drive after the surgery. Your friend or family member will be with you while you leave the clinic.

Day of Surgery

Do not drink or eat anything, arrive at the clinic according to the pre-decided schedule. Wear loose-fitting clothes and do not wear any facial or make-up. You are allowed to wear spectacle but not contact lenses.

If you are fully prepared for the surgery, it is sure that you are going to have an enjoying treatment period and you can hope for a successful end of the surgery. You should buy everything that you may need after the surgery, such as cotton pads, nasal spray, entertainment items for resting time, prescribed medicines etc.

To know more about the pre-operative and post-operative care for the Nose Reshaping surgery, visit the Marmm Klinik of Indore. This clinic is a well-known place for nose job surgery and other cosmetic procedures. It is sure you would have an unforgettable experience if you choose this clinic for the surgery.

How Will I Feel the First Week Rhinoplasty Surgery?

For any person, Nose Reshaping is a personal decision if he is not happy with the shape and size of the nose. Mostly, the patients are wise enough to choose authentic clinics and qualified surgeons for the surgery. With a trained surgeon, you can hope to have appropriate treatment. Rhinoplasty is, however, not a magical treatment but qualified surgeon are able to get a natural look while they perform the surgery.

nose reshaping img14

This is also true that even with skilled surgeons, some patients do not feel safe and they have so many questions to ask and generally the questions include aftercare and results after the surgery. Most of the surgeon ensure safe and painless surgery for the patients but still, the patients have some doubts. This article is written to clear doubts about aftercare. Generally, the first week after the surgery is very important to consider because of the sensitive nature of the surgery. therefore, we are going to tell you about the possible things that may happen just after the surgery.

Let us have a look!

How you feel after the surgery depends on your mood, your health condition, the effectiveness of the surgery, and quality of aftercare.


Due to the cast that is placed on the nose, the patients may have a strong or mild feeling itching. In this condition, you have to control yourself forcefully because sometimes the urge is very strong. If you like, you can visit the clinic to tell the surgeon about the itching problem.


Most of the patients feel a throbbing like feeling or tenderness in the first week after the surgery. This feeling goes away automatically within a week and generally, you do not need to go to the doctor. However, if you feel something is serious, just visit the clinic immediately.


The feeling of stuffiness or minor congestion is natural and this is the most common symptom after the surgery. Due to this condition, you may have a strong desire to blow your nose but you should not do so because generally the surgeons do not allow blowing the nose.


A mild headache is quite possible after the surgery. generally, the surgeon prescribes the medicines for pain and discomfort. You may take medicines and drink a lot of water to minimize the feeling of pain.


The feeling of dizziness after the surgery is quite easily manageable. Dizziness and feeling of vomiting subside within a week. It is better if you drink a lot of water, have complete rest and eat healthy food.

In brief, all these symptoms subside within a week automatically and the surgeons provide all the medicines with clear instructions to fight with these side effects.

If you are about to have Nose Reshaping and want to know more about the surgery, you can come to the Marmm Klinik for proper guidance.

Should You Be Honest About Your Rhinoplasty?

Do you want to hide your nose job from others? The surgeon is going to make distinct changes in the structure of your nose and most of the time, your relatives, friends, and family members are able to recognize the changes. Therefore, you should be honest about your Rhinoplasty in Indore The patients coming to the Marmm Klinik generally ask about the changes that are made to the nose because they do not want to tell others about the surgery.

rhinoplasty in indore17

Nowadays, cosmetic treatments are usual and a lot of people are very excited to have the surgery. However, the acceptance for such a procedure is still a matter of debate and discussions.

Some decades ago, it was not possible to change the nasal structure but with the development of cosmetic procedures, nose job surgery has emerged as a life-changing event for the patient.

So, when everything is positive with the rhinoplasty, you should not go for the surgery with a negative attitude to hide the news from others.

Just look at others! what are they doing? They are just having fun after the surgery. we are sure you have read many rhinoplasty stories online and all the stories are shared by the people who have nothing to hide because they are happy with their new changes noses. But it does not mean, you should advertise your decision to undergo the surgery. If you want to keep the things private, just do it. It is your personal decision.

If you have decided to hide your changed nose from others, your decision does not make sense due to the following reasons.

Rhinoplasty is a Popular Surgery:

Why do you want to hide if almost everyone knows about the surgery? most of the people are aware of this term. Moreover, many families have at least one member who has had rhinoplasty surgery. So, they are not going to be surprised if they look at you when you have changed the structure of your nose.

Believe us; they are going to admire your look

If you have undergone the surgery in a reliable clinic, you should be assured of the positive outcomes of the surgery. the surgeons do their job very efficiently and generally, the changes are very natural. It means, the basic shape of the nose is not going to be changed but the surgeon will ensure only required improvement. So, your family members, friends, and relatives are going to admire your looks. Do not worry!

Finally, you have to talk about your decision more openly before the surgery to get extra help and after the surgery, you should be confident to enjoy the recovery time and final results of the surgery. If anyone asks you about the Rhinoplasty in Indore, do not be shy and open your mouth to discuss the future plans with your more attractive nose.

Preventing AGA in Men and Women: PRP Hair Loss Treatment

For the prevention of hair loss, PRP Hair Loss Treatment is considered as an effective procedure. However, to check the efficacy of PRP hair loss treatment, the hair loss experts must consider various factors like the type of hair loss, cause of hair loss, present condition of the scalp, age of the patient etc.

PRP-hair loss treatment img1

There are various types of hair loss and the most common type is male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. A person may face hair loss due to several reasons, such as chronic disease, stress, medications, seasonal hair loss, sleeplessness, genetic, hormonal reasons etc.

Experts say that if the hairline is receding with clear hair loss on the temple and crown area, these signs indicate towards the male pattern baldness.

This disease follows a certain pattern by affecting the hairline at the first stage, later, hair loss starts from the temple areas and crown area as well. After some time, hair loss on the temple area and hair loss on the crown area merge into each other to form a large bald area. At the peak stage of the baldness, only some hairs remain on the back and sides of the scalp.

Experts say that PRP hair was beneficial for hair loss so that, we have to talk about the efficacy of PRP in the case of androgenic alopecia.

Let us have a look at the procedure.

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP means Platelet Rich Plasma that is concentrated plasma with platelets. Platelets and plasma are two main parts of blood including white blood cells and red blood cells.

PRP experts believe that Platelet-rich plasma has certain growth factors that stimulate hair re-growth and prevent hair loss.

During the treatment, the expert draws a sample of blood from the arm of the patients and spins in a centrifuge. This process is performed to separate the main components of the blood. Mainly the blood sample is separated into three layers called platelet poor plasma, red blood cells, and platelet-rich plasma. The expert collects the PRP in a separate test tube and prepares PRP injections. These injections are injected to the scalps of the patient.

Is PRP Effective For Androgenic Alopecia?

PRP shows good results for temporary hair loss and the experts are trying to check the efficacy of this treatment in the case of genetic hair loss. it is unquestionable that PRP can improve the hair growth if the hair follicles are alive but it does not work for a completely bald scalp.

The experts use PRP to enhance the quality of the donor area while they are performing hair transplant surgery.

However, if the patient is experiencing initial phases of male pattern baldness, PRP can work to reduce the rate of progression and promote hair growth.

So it is clear that PRP Hair Loss Treatment is effective for temporary hair loss and initial stages of androgenic alopecia. If you are experiencing severe hair loss, you can visit any hair restoration center to book PRP hair treatment.